Air Europa Group Booking

Air Europa Group Booking 

Making a reservation one by one can be tricky for a group consisting of more than nine people. If you want to book multiple seats for your group, then you can easily make a group booking with Air Europa without tackling any problems. The airlines allow the passengers a few methods for group booking, such as filling out the form, calling their helpline number, and writing an email. These methods have been discussed further in this post; go through them so that you can utilize them according to your choice. 

Air Europa Group Booking Methods via Phone

Talking with the professional staff of Air Europa will offer you reliable and instant results. When booking multiple seats for your group, you can easily communicate with them using their phone number. Use the Air Europa group booking helpline number +1-802-378-3551 or 1 (844) 415-3955 to interact with the airlines' customer service. Following are the steps that will help you interact with one of the agents through a phone: 

  • Type the number +1-802-378-3551 or 1 (844) 415-3955 and press the calling button to make a group booking with Air Europa. 
  • For a better conversation, select the language that you are familiar with. 
  • Follow the pre-programmed voice and do so accordingly. 
  • Pick the appropriate number to talk with the Air Europa executive. 
  • Request the group booking and share the details of the passengers. 
  • Soon, the agent will notify you regarding the group booking. 

Air Europa group booking through email:

In a condition, if you do not wish to talk with the executive of Air Europa, then you can use an alternative method.  You can use the email platform, and your Air Europa group booking will be done easily. A go-to-guide on how to share an email to Air Europa for group booking is written here: 

  • Open your email account in the first place.
  • Write the purpose of composing this email in the subject line. 
  • Start the email by sharing the passenger's details. 
  • Do not forget to share your contact details as well. 
  • After finalizing, send it to 
  • As soon as the airlines receive your email, they will respond accordingly. 

Use the Air Europa group booking reservation form.

For your convenience, Air Europa has a Group Reservation Form on its website that can be accessed easily. If you want to reserve seats for more than nine people, you can fill out this form. Walk through the following steps, which are given below if you wish to make the group booking with Air Europa as soon as possible: 

  • Reach out to the official site of Air Europa in your browser. 
  • Look for the group booking options. 
  • A form will appear on the prompted page. 
  • Fill in all credentials carefully. 
  • Now press the send button to share the form. 
  • Soon, an Air Europa agent will contact you. 


In the current situation, Air Europa is one of the finest airlines in the aviation market, offering extraordinary facilities to their passengers. Hopefully, the content mentioned in this post will guide you in making the group reservation with Air Europa in a few simple steps. 

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