How to book multi city flights on Delta Airlines?

How to book multi city flights on Delta Airlines?

Suppose you have planned a trip and decided to start your journey by reserving a seat on a Delta Airlines flight. If you want to make the best of your travel and you are considering visiting more than one destination on a single trip, then you should book multi-city flights on Delta Airlines. The information related to a multi-city booking, like how you can make the bookings and what benefits you get, will be found below.

Delta Airlines Multi-City Booking Benefits

The benefits of booking a multi-city booking on Delta Airlines flight ticket are listed here:

  • It breaks long-distance flight journeys into short ones. You can select the destinations to break your flight journey. 
  • You can visit multiple destinations on your single trip as you can select the timings and dates of the connecting flights. 
  • You will not have to purchase separate flight tickets for different destinations and can add multiple destinations into one ticket.
  • Multi-city booking is a cost-effective option. It is cheaper than the one-way trip and round-trip bookings.

Methods to Book Multi-City Flights on Delta Airlines 

A person can book a multi-city flight ticket at Delta Airlines from the website or by calling the customer service team. The procedure for making the reservation through both of the methods is provided below. 

Procedure to Book Delta Airlines Multi-City Flight Online

You can book the multi city flight ticket from the Delta Airlines website. You can choose Delta Airlines multiple destinations to visit on a single flight ticket. Here is the procedure that you will have to adhere to for booking a multi city flight:

  • Head to the homepage of Delta on your browser,
  • Select the Book tab on the site
  • Then choose the Multi-City Booking option,
  • Select the number of passengers,
  • Then put the required destinations in the columns,
  • To add more destinations, you can click on “Add Flight,”
  • You can also select the fare type on the Booking Tab, 
  • After putting the requirements, click on Search,
  • The result of your search will load on the new page,
  • Now you have to view all the available flights as per the search,
  • Choose a flight to make your reservation that meets your need,
  • Then add the passenger details and the assistance if needed,
  • Make payment for the multi city flight ticket,
  • And your bookings will be made at Delta Airlines.

Procedure to Book Delta Airlines Multi-City Flight Offline

You will have to call Delta Airlines using their customer service number to book the multi city flight ticket to your preferred destination with the help of an expert. The expert will search the flights depending on your required destinations and will share the best options with you. Here is the procedure by which you can get Delta multi-city booking on call:

  • Dial Delta multi-city flight booking contact number: 1 800-221-1212 or 1-854-221-1212,
  • Select the suitable key to reach a Delta person,
  • Patiently wait for the person to connect on the call,
  • Then ask for multi-city flight booking,
  • Tell your required destinations to the person,
  • The person will take a few more pieces of info to search for the available flights,
  • After a few moments, the person will share the availability of the flights,
  • You can choose which flight you like to book,
  • Then give the passenger info and pay the fare,
  • Your Delta Airlines multi-city flight ticket will be booked.

Hence, all the related info for getting a Delta Airlines multi city booking has been given. You can learn about the benefits you will get by choosing a multi city booking instead of a one-way trip or round trip. To reserve a multi-city flight, you may use the Delta website to explore the availability by yourself or may reach out to a live person at customer service to take help on the reservation.

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