How to change name on American Airlines ticket?

How to change name on American Airlines ticket?

Were you awake the whole night worrying that you had filled the wrong name while you were booking your flight ticket? So here is good news you do have the opportunity to change name on American Airlines ticket that you have registered with. But before you go way ahead, it is advised that you must know the statutes and ways to alter your name. Stick to the passage to know more.

American Airlines Name Change Policy:

You need to go through all the name change policies to make corrections in your name for the American Airlines flight ticket. Using these policies, you can make minor and major changes as well in your name. Further in the passage, name alteration rules are discussed.

Minor Name Correction:- This Airline provides you the freedom to make minor alterations in your name registered in your Domestic & International tickets. To know what criteria it follows, read below.

  • You are allowed to change a maximum of three characters of your last name while making minor changes.
  • These minor alterations can be made by travel agents on wholly unused tickets validated on the same PNR. 
  • It is done only for itineraries of American Airlines and American Eagle.
  • Keep in mind that the original Secure flight DOB (date of birth) or gender may not be altered.
  • There has given more flexibility in name alteration to the travel agency community also on wholly unused tickets. l Through a travel agency, minor name corrections can be made in the same PNR without a waiver.l If you want to make corrections in the ticket that includes flights that are operated by any other carrier, please do contact American Airlines Sales Support for assistance.
  • There could be some fees that are charged to you for availing of this service of a name change. 
  • Do keep in mind that Name Changes from one person to another person are not allowed. 

Major name Correction:- All those statutes an itinerary must know regarding major name change are provided here.

  • More than three characters can be changed during the process of the major name change.
  • These major changes are made only for the itineraries of American Airlines and American Eagle.
  • You will be able to make these major alterations smoothly on wholly unused tickets in the same PNR through a travel agent.
  • Here again, you need to know that the DOB or gender may not be altered. 
  • These major name corrections can be made in the same PNR with the required waiver authorization and applicable process fee on itineraries.
  • Here also could be some fees that will be charged upon you for availing this service of the name change. 
  • You need to remember that name Changes from one person to another person are not allowed. 

Procedure to change the name on American Airlines ticket:

 The procedure to make ticket name alteration in a convenient way which you can use being at home and get your tension of name changing away. You can do this task on your own by following the given steps:- 

  • Firstly, you got to visit the original website of American Airlines
  • Click on the My Reservations tab given on the homepage
  • Here, you have to login your correct Email and password
  • Then select the flight manages tab
  • Now click on American Airlines Reservations
  • Hit on Flight Change that you will get here
  • Now, you have to select the Edit button
  • Here, you will be asked to Enter your new name
  • Now Click Apply button
  • At the end, you need to hit the Save button 
  • And finally, your name will change now.

These above-mentioned guidelines will help you through the process of name correction. Nevertheless, if you have any doubt regarding American airlines change name on ticket, please contact American Airlines Sales Support for assistance to update the name correction policy.

How much does it cost to change a name on American Airlines

As per the rules, you will be liable to pay a fee if you are going to make alterations in your name. The fees for making minor and major changes actually range up to 25 USD.

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