How do I talk to a live person at Asiana Airlines?

How do I talk to a live person at Asiana Airlines?

There are many situations when customers want to talk to someone at Asiana Airlines, for instance, to make a flight reservation, to know about the flight schedule, To enquire about the airline departing terminal, to request special assistance, etc. for all such conditions there is a necessity to avail all the contact information of the airline. If you wish to talk to a live person at Asiana Airlines, then you must use the information provided in the forthcoming section carefully.

What are the available options to contact Asiana Airlines?

The different alternatives to reach Asiana airlines to resolve your issue are mentioned below. You can use any one or all of the options to get rid of your problem.

  1. Phone number option
  2. Live chat option
  3. Sending an email
  4. Using social media
  5. Reaching the customer counter at the airport

If one alternative does not work, you can proceed to use another and get in touch with the team representative.

Though all of the methods are easy to follow yet, careful attention needs to be paid to follow them. A detailed explanation of all of the mediums mentioned above is narrated below. Use it for your convenience.

Alternatives to talk to a live person at Asiana Airlines

This is one of the most preferred ways to reach the customer care service of any airline. It connects the complainer directly to the problem-solving person. You can simply use Asiana Airlines phone number: 1-800-227-4262 to talk to a live person. Your call will be connected to a computer-generated voice that will instruct you to select one of the options from the following IVR menu:

  • Press 1: to select your language
  • Press 2: to book a flight ticket
  • Press 3: for flight cancellations/refund request
  • Press 5: to know the flight departure schedule
  • Press 9: to request a callback

After pressing one of the options you will be connected to the corresponding representative who will guide you & provide the finest possible solution in the shortest time.

Live chat assistance of Asiana airlines.

The customers are also provided the facility to reach the airline by using the option of live chat.

This option provides a quick response, and assistance is available 24/7. To use this method, people need to follow the following steps sequentially:

  • Go to the official Asiana Airlines website on your laptop. If you are an active smartphone or tablet user, then you can even use the mobile application from your IOS or android device.
  • Hit on the “ok” button to accept the cookies to begin the process.
  • On the home page itself, you will find the icon stating “chat with Aaron” present on the rightmost corner.
  • Click on the option & a new tab will launch. There will be a list of all the possible reasons customers might face problems dealing with. You can either select one from them or type your issue in the chat box.
  • Click on the airplane icon to send your issue. 
  • You can even request a callback to talk to a live person on your desired date.
  • Shortly you will be assisted by a customer team representative who will clarify your doubts.

Send an email for your issue to be heard.

Another important way to reach the airline is by sending an email to them by following the procedure described below:

  • After launching the website, click on customer services & proceed to tap on “voices of the customer.”
  • Scroll down and select the leave us a comment button.
  • Now you need to click on the agree button of the rules of airlines.
  • Soon a complaint form will be generated where you need to fill in all the mandatory fields & click on the submit button.

Reach the customer counter at the airport: If you want live assistance, you can also choose to visit the kiosk booths at the airport & get your issue cleared.

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